Metal furniture, i.e. design and functionality

Woodive offers a unique assortment in the form of, among others, hanging shelves, shoe cabinets, coffee tables, shelves with hangers and candlesticks made of stainless steel. Functional furniture made of metal allows you to make the spaces of apartments and houses more practical, and this furniture with durability definitely beats furniture made of wood-like panels. Stainless steel furniture full of advantages The first basic issue is the material the furniture is made of. Stainless steel like no other material guarantees resistance to substances that may damage furniture made of other raw materials.

Woodive steel furniture shows high resistance to corrosion and other factors. Another important aspect is powder coating. It makes the surface even more resistant to damage that may occur over the many years of use. Powder coating, to which the Woodive furniture is subjected does not contain solvents that are harmful to health and the environment, so they are dedicated for use in living compartments. When choosing this type of furniture, it is also worth paying attention to practicality, simplicity of assembly and choice of screws in the colour of furniture. You find all of this in Woodive furniture. The proper arrangement of rooms such as a hall, living room or bedroom is not only about choosing the right colour of the walls or accessories, but above all choosing matching and functional furniture that will fit harmoniously into the style. The modern minimalistic form of the stainless steel furniture will work well in colonial, boho, industrial, loft, Scandinavian, retro and vintage rooms. The way we use the steel in our home space, depends only on our ideas and creativity. The secret of stainless steel furniture is to choose the right colour of steel. When producing industrial and loft furniture, the main colour on which steel is painted is black. It works beautifully with all shades of wood.

The second colour of choice is white. It brightens the interiors and fits perfectly into modern and Scandinavian arrangements. Woodive offers furniture in four basic colours which allows for freely integrating the furniture into the home decor, guaranteeing visual consistency which not only affect the appearance of the rooms but also the well-being of occupants. The steel is characterised by extraordinary durability in use. The steel components are maintenance-free and very easy to clean. Simply wipe the dust with a damp microfiber cloth. They are characterised by high resistance to moisture and fire. Furniture does not begin to sway or shake when in use. That's why metal tables are so popular in the living room, bedroom and hallway.

Steel furniture is not only about durable construction. When we choose modern style furniture it is very common that there is a lack of space for books, cosmetics or we want the furniture itself to be a decor for home. The solution for interesting decor is furniture, which by its very shape and look is the decoration of the room. Woodive steel furniture has unique shapes that form a designer arrangement and additionally is practical to store. Usually we use 2mm thick steel, thanks to that furniture being not too heavy but also the entire cabinet space remains at your disposal.

Woodive furniture remains in a modern style but it allows for practical and functional arrangement of the living space surrounding us. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with Woodive stainless steel sheet furniture and accessories.