How solid wood furniture is made - production process and technique

Do you know how wood furniture is made?

These are not only beautiful and durable interior design elements, but also masterpieces of craftsmanship and woodworking art. The production process of wooden furniture requires precision, skills and experience in carpentry. The production of wooden furniture consists of several stages. The first is design that takes into account the dimensions, shape and functionality of the furniture. Woodvie products are designed by our designers to achieve a unique look and, above all, practical application. When starting the production stage, it is important to prepare the right material such as boards. The raw material used in the production by Woodive, i.e. cut oak boards, has the FSC certificate of origin and is obtained according to ecological standards. The next stage is to cut the wood to size, which is done with a whipsaw, table saw or hand saw.

Then the edges of the wood are grinded to obtain a smooth surface. Depending on the project, the wood is planed, milled and drilled. After the proper processing, it is time to glue the wood elements. At this stage, special adhesives are used, which combine the individual elements into a whole. Glueing can be done manually or with machines such as a glueing press. Then is time to assemble the furniture, i.e. combining the individual elements into a whole. Depending on the design, different techniques can be used, such as groove, feather or body joints. After folding the furniture, it is grinded, thanks to which unevenness is removed and the surfaces of the furniture are smoothed. Grinding can be done manually or with a grinding machine. The last stage is finishing the furniture. It involves applying paint, varnish or oil to protect and decorate the surface of the furniture. For this purpose, various painting techniques and tools are used: painting with a brush or spraying.

How are handmade furniture made of solid wood made?

Handmade furniture made of wood is unique due to its originality and unique style. The process of producing handmade furniture from wood requires more precision, skill and time than the production of furniture using machines. Handmade furniture made of wood is unique and thanks to the use of natural wood with its own arrangement of knots and growth rings, each piece of furniture is unique. The production of handmade furniture is carried out using special tools and techniques that allow to maintain the highest precision and exceptional quality of each connection and element. In the case of Woodive production, these are traditional methods using excellent knowledge of wood as a raw material and its properties. Thanks to manual production, such wooden furniture is more durable and more valuable than its machine-made counterparts. Each handmade piece of furniture has its own history and character.

Handmade furniture made of wood is more durable, more valuable and has a unique style. It is an ideal solution for people who value individuality, functionality and unique beauty of furniture. If you want to feel the difference and discover a new quality of solid wood furniture, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. Thanks to the originality of our projects and individual approach to production, as well as maintaining great care, our furniture and accessories are unique, durable and will definitely decorate your home or apartment.