TV Cabinet FRIDA


The TV cabinet FRIDA from the Berlin collection is a perfect example of the harmony of functionality, aesthetics, and the natural beauty of solid Indian mango wood. Designed with modern arrangement needs in mind, this TV cabinet with a width of 180 cm, height of 50 cm, and depth of 40 cm combines the elegance of the caramel shade of wood with practical solutions. The fronts of the FRIDA TV cabinet are adorned with subtle slats, adding a unique character to the furniture. The rounded shapes not only give the cabinet delicacy but also eliminate sharp edges, making it safe for everyday use, especially in family spaces. Two spacious drawers provide a practical place to store small items, remote controls, or other accessories, while the open cabinets will accommodate multimedia equipment. The removable shelf in the central compartment allows for organized placement of electronics, and a convenient cable hole makes managing wires easier. The TV cabinet from the Berlin collection is not only a functional element of the living room but also a unique decorative accent. Handcrafted from solid Indian mango wood, it is characterized by durability and natural charm, making it the heart of your entertainment space. It is a combination of modern design, practicality, and high-quality craftsmanship that will enrich any interior with the unique character of the Berlin collection. All our furniture is handmade from natural wood. The grain and shade of each piece are unique and may differ from the one shown in the pictures. Knots, gaps after knots, local gaps, abrasions, or irregularities are the result of manual work using natural materials and do not constitute a product defect. For the given dimensions of the furniture, a tolerance of +- 3% applies. More about the characteristics of our products made of natural wood - read here. To maintain its properties and unique appearance, natural wood requires care - learn more.

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