FALUN OCH metal wall shelf

Color: Black
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The shelf "FALUN" was made in a minimalist style, in fashionable colors and three variants of fixing. The simple form and the lack of decorative elements make it fit virtually any arrangement, both modern, loft, and classic.

Durable construction perfectly sticking to the wall, practical and versatile. It will work well in the living room, in the bedroom, as well as in the office. The distinguishing factor is also the simple form, on the one hand minimalist, on the other hand, fits into any space. The advantage of the shelf is convenience - you can from now on easily organize your souvenirs, photos, and favorite books! All thanks to the thoughtful construction. To ensure maximum strength, the back wall is wide, thus providing a larger contact area with the wall and stable construction.

Solid workmanship and aesthetic appearance make the shelf very durable, and the powder coating ensures long life. The "Falun" shelf also gives you amazing design possibilities that will allow you to express yourself in your interior. Ideal wherever you need practical solutions. "Falun" will create a practical storage place for your things, becoming a becoming a unique decoration on the wall, it will not only be a useful piece of furniture in your home, but also a decoration in your interior.

Metal shelf made of stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm painted powder in a matte shade. Mounted to the wall with self-tapping screws in the color of the shelf. The edges of the shelf are slightly rounded.

Variant OCH - total height 22 cm, front height 10 cm, width 33 cm, depth 15 cm

Variant UPP - height 15 cm, width 33 cm, depth 22 cm.
Variant NER - total height/front 22 cm, width 33 cm, depth 15 cm

Weight: 3 kg

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