Solid wood furniture - features

Eye-catching, timeless, durable and comfortable to use - this is what solid wood furniture and accessories are all about. They are an excellent solution for those who value natural materials and for those who focus on a skilful combination of design and quality. Solid wood furniture looks great in any interior, complementing the arrangements made in different styles. Their specificity makes them a solution for years.

Woodive products

Woodive produces unique furniture and wooden accessories made of solid oak wood in the form of coffee tables, besides tables, wall shelves and functional mirrors or serving boards. Our timeless furniture, thanks to unique solutions and look, combines traditional style with Scandinavian and japandi style. Woodive furniture and accessories are made of pure oak wood of optimal quality - you will not find layers made of any other materials. Such wood is professionally processed and impregnated. All this makes wooden furniture made of solid wood extremely durable, resistant to damage, comfortable to use, and at the same time impresses with its elegant, original look. Thanks to this, our furniture and accessories made of solid wood are widely used and work well both in the living room or bedroom, as well as in the kitchen. It is worth knowing that solid wood furniture can also be called those that have specific elements of plywood - these elements are, for example, drawers.

Advantages of solid wood furniture

In addition to functionality and design, solid wood furniture has a natural character, and the wood stains or varnishes used to finish them are ecological. Thanks to this, solid wood is user-friendly, which will be especially appreciated by allergy sufferers. Another important aspect is durability. Solid wood furniture is distinguished by reliable durability, and their specificity allows for their refreshment or easy removal of defects. Just grind off the layer to make the furniture look like new. Moreover, solid wood furniture has a unique look for each piece of furniture. The drawing of the growth rings or the arrangement of the knots will never be the same on two pieces of furniture, it is something truly unique. Hygroscopic properties - natural wood also supports the process of regulating air humidity in a given room, which has a good effect on the residents. Contrary to appearances, choosing solid wood furniture is also a financial saving - despite the seemingly higher price than board or plywood furniture - thanks to its timeless design and excellent durability, they are a solution for years to come.

Does solid wood have any drawbacks?

The huge advantages of solid wood furniture are also related to their price. The price that is perceived as their disadvantage and can discourage. However, this is not the right approach. High-quality wooden furniture and accessories are an investment for many years, often used even by subsequent generations. In the perspective of time, the lack of the need to replace coffee tables, or besides tables turns out to be a saving.

Care of solid wood furniture

Are you afraid and think that it is complicated? Do not worry - taking care of solid wood furniture is simple. In the case of solid oiled wood, the surfaces should be wiped once a month with a cloth soaked in water or an antistatic agent, thanks to which less dust will settle on the furniture. It is also worth remembering to not put very hot objects on solid wood and remove all stains as soon as possible. These are the basics of care that you should know when you want solid wood furniture to serve its functionality for a long time, effectively decorating the interiors. Solid wood furniture is furniture that meets the expectations of customers in terms of durability, design and character. It is furniture that adapts to your needs.

Woodive, as a manufacturer of wooden furniture and accessories, specialises in the processing of oak wood and offers its products in three colours - natural oak, bleached oak and stained wood in black. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our range of furniture and accessories made of solid wood.

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