UPPSALA metal shelf with hangers

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Organize your clothes and everyday items!

Shelf with hangers "Uppsala" according to our design is an offer for all those who appreciate functional but also designer interior accessories. You no longer have to choose between practicality and appearance.

"Uppsala" is a product that combines these two features at the same time. Its minimalist design will fit into any modern interior. The shelf is made of powder-coated powder-coated stainless steel, which provides protection and durability for years. It is sturdy and resistant to mechanical damage. The advantage of the shelf is its multifunctional use. This is because it has been additionally equipped with a convenient shelf for handy things that we always have at hand. handy. The thoughtful design allowed such a combination without disturbing its visual advantages. An additional advantage is the simple way of assembling it and its high durability. Keeping in mind the spirit of minimalism, all fixing screws are of the same color as the shelf. The whole looks very elegant and minimalist.

Uppsala is a designer piece of furniture that combines practical functionality with impressive appearance! The metal shelf is made of 2mm thick sheet metal powder coated in a matte shade.

Mounted to the wall with three self-tapping screws in the color of the shelf.

Dimensions: width 85, height 17 cm, depth 12 cm. Weight: 12 kg

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