GIRONA waste basket

€79,00 €89,00
Color: Black

Waste baskets are practical bathroom equipment. It not only has a hygienic role - it can also be an aesthetically pleasing accessory that enhances the design of your bathroom.

Features of the GIRONA bathroom waste basket:

• bin for exchangeable trash bags,

• unique, carefully crafted from the finest materials and galvanised steel,

• well-thought-out design - the sack is covered by a top-coloured frame in the colour of the basket (aesthetic value),

• basket dimensions: height 28 cm, width 18x18cm,

• weight 3,7 kg • the basket is made of 2 mm thick stainless steel and is designed for wet rooms (the steel used has anticorrosive properties),

• the surface of the basket is scratch-resistant,

• rubber feet on the underside of the basket to protect the floor from scratches,

• aesthetically pleasing design with a pleasant texture, also suitable for public spaces, restaurants and homes.

There are many bins on the market - they are usually plastic and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. The GIRONA bathroom waste basket can change that! The GIRONA waste basket from the Woodive range is available in two colours - black and white -and has a shade of elegant matt. As a result, it will aesthetically blend into the design of virtually any bathroom. We have designed the whole thing so that the bathroom hamper is not only capacious (which is particularly important), but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable touse.

The basket is made of stainless steel, powder-coated. This gives it resistance to the conditions in the bathroom - humidity or water. It is also powder-coated for a durable and resistant colour. Powder coating also ensures that, compared to traditional painting - the paint does not flake off despite the years. The waste basket is also set on rubber, non-slip feet. This ensures that it stays in position, also protecting the surface on which it stands from scratches.

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