The japandi style - what is it?

How to decorate an interior in this style?

Harmony, symmetry, peace, economy - this is the shortest way to summarise the japandi style, which is slowly settling into European apartments. It is certainly an aesthetic that provides a feeling of comfort and tranquillity. What is more, it turns out that for your room to be filled with Zen energy, you do not have to spend a fortune - just a few modifications and choose the right furniture.

What is japandi style?

The japandi style is an arrangement trend that was born relatively recently. It is a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. At the same time, the style gets the best out of them. It shows the attachment to comfort characteristic of scandi aesthetics, which goes together with exceptional functionality and cosiness. On the other hand, it shows a passion for nature, which is visible in the Japanese arrangement trend. Asceticism of forms, geometric lines, minimalist blocks - these are other features that distinguish the japandi style. It also loves natural materials, and there are some influences of wabi-sabi - a style that exposes the beauty of imperfection. If you want to achieve the effect of simplicity and at the same time cosy interiors, this arrangement trend will be a hit.

Japandi style and subdued colours

The japandi style loves subdued colours, i.e. soft beige, alabaster white, earth colours. What is more, its palette does not lack ashy greys, far eastern browns, as well as classic black (usually in the form of additives). Sometimes you can also notice shades of blue in it, although usually also in the form of accents. This carefully selected colour palette is not accidental - it is supposed to bring an aura of peace and optimism to the japan style. At the same time, this arrangement trend focuses on a maximum of three/four colours.

The japandi style - moderation and spaciousness

The Japandi-style interiors are undoubtedly dominated by moderation and Scandinavian minimalism - this applies not only to colours, but also to shapes, textures, and structures. It is a certain arrangement restraint that gives the impression of a spacious room, and each element of the decor has its specific function in it. Undoubtedly, you will not find unnecessary trinkets or unnecessary furniture in the japandi style. Of course, there is no shortage of sophisticated accessories - you can find them here, but they certainly do not overwhelm the interior. All this means that although the japandi-style apartment is often very modest, it impresses with its sophistication.

Natural japandi materials

There is no shortage of natural materials in the interiors of japandi: rattan, bamboo, stone, wicker, and above all - wood. It is from this raw material that furniture or flooring are most often made. An important element of this arrangement trend are also impressive house plants that can be placed, for example, in fancy pots. They can be replaced with sophisticated floral compositions, minimalist ikebana and decorative, dry twigs in vases - all these elements perfectly emphasise the character of the delicate aesthetic of japandi.

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