WINDSOR console

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Color: Natural Oak
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A wooden console is a classic addition to any type of interior. It can be a perfect complement to the decor of a living room, dining room, or hallway. Console in minimalist style is a simple yet stylish piece of furniture that will bring Scandinavian character to the living room. The entire piece is made of solid oak wood, which provides durability and strength. The distinct grain gives the effect of naturalness and aesthetics. The compact and classic form allows you to put it anywhere, it can stand in the living room, but will also look great in the hallway. Thanks to the capacious drawer, which provides additional space for storing small things, the console not only looks beautiful but is also very practical.

The sturdy top, in turn, will be excellent for placing objects decorative items, photo frames, or potted plants. Characteristic grain and imperfections make the console even more unique. In turn, the minimalist design will warm up any interior, introducing a touch of exquisiteness and style. Its advantage is also its timelessness and invariable sumptuousness. Created for lovers of unobvious solutions in classic style and exceptional elegance.

Specification: Material: oak wood, matte lacquered - gives the lacquered surface exceptional durability and resistance (it is not laminated board or veneer, but solid oak wood!). The console comes in the shade of natural oak, can also have a bleached shade, and can be painted black.

Cleaning: cleaning by hand, with mild detergents. Dimensions: 120x 35 cm Height: 70 cm legs and top 30 cm thick

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