Sideboard WANDA


The Wanda chest of drawers from the Berlin collection is not only a functional piece, but also a unique artistic accent that will bring pleasant harmony and style to your interior. With a width of 160 cm, a height of 80 cm, and a depth of 40 cm, the Wanda chest of drawers is an excellent combination of practicality and aesthetics. It is handcrafted from solid Indian mango wood, and the caramel shade of the wood gives the furniture a natural and warm character, perfectly fitting into the uniqueness of the Berlin collection. The fronts of the chest of drawers are adorned with delicate slats, giving the entire structure a unique, modern look. The rounded shapes not only add subtlety to the furniture but also eliminate sharp edges, making the chest of drawers safe and user-friendly in daily use. Three front-opening cabinets with shelves offer plenty of storage space for various items, from books to household articles. Additionally, two smaller side-opening cabinets with shelves allow for the stylish display of decorations, photos, or other decorative elements. The Wanda chest of drawers is not only a practical storage solution but also an artistic addition that will blend in with any modern interior. By combining functionality with a designer approach, this chest of drawers perfectly represents the unique character of the Berlin collection, bringing a unique and elegant style to your home.
All our furniture is handcrafted from natural wood. The grain and shade of each piece are unique and may differ from those shown in the pictures. Knots, gaps from knots, local cracks, abrasions, or irregularities are the result of manual work using natural materials and do not constitute a product defect.
For the given dimensions of the furniture, a tolerance of +- 3% applies.
To learn more about the characteristics of our products made of natural wood - read here.
To maintain its properties and unique appearance, natural wood requires care - learn more.

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