Shelf JADZIA - 85 cm

€175,00 €219,00
Color: Amber

The JADZIA shelf is a stylish piece of furniture measuring 85x30x25 centimeters, fitting into the style of past eras. It will work well as tasteful and practical interior furnishings for spaces such as dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or offices. The shelf can be used to display books and decorations, as well as a TV cabinet. The furniture can be made from either Indian mango or Indian rosewood, guaranteeing a flawless appearance and high utility value. The shelf has a matte finish and visible grain patterns that enhance its attractive design.
Designed in line with the Warsaw collection, the JADZIA shelf follows the trends of retro, vintage, PRL, and modern classic styles. This model is suitable not only as a bookshelf or decorative shelf but also as a TV stand for screens up to 32 inches. You can also order it in a different size from our store. The furniture features beautiful wood patterns and is available in several color options - amber, caramel, honey, chocolate, cow. Indian mango and Indian rosewood are two types of sturdy wood that, when properly cared for, will last for many years. The shelf can easily be matched with other furniture pieces from the Warsaw collection.
All our furniture is handmade from natural wood. The grain and shade of each piece are unique and may differ from those shown in the pictures. Knots, gaps from knots, local cracks, abrasions, or irregularities are the result of manual work using natural materials and do not constitute a product defect.
For the given dimensions of the furniture, a tolerance of +- 3% applies.
Learn more about the characteristics of our natural wood products - read here.
To maintain its properties and unique appearance, natural wood requires care - learn more.

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