MALAGA toilet brush

€69,00 €79,00
Color: Black

A detail that will change the appearance of your bathroom! The stainless steel cased toilet brush is a product that makes everyday life easier for its user. A feature of this model is also its high durability, as the brush was created from the best quality galvanised steel and, despite its use, looks not only aesthetically pleasing but also an elegant piece of equipment for the modern bathroom. Thanks to its universal design, it fits perfectly into minimalist interiors as well as loft-style bathrooms.

The MALAGA toilet brush is also comfortable to use, as it has an ergonomic handle and a shape that allows it to reach even the most inaccessible corners. In addition, the brush tip has a detachable tip that can be replaced with a new one when worn out. The brush housing has an elegant appearance and also has anti-corrosion properties. Resistance to moisture and bathroom conditions is not the only advantage - thanks to powder coating, the colour will be retained for many years.

MALAGA is a bathroom element that combines practical functionality with a designer look!

• the brush comes in black and white

• the brush casing is made of 2 mm thick galvanised sheet metal and is powder-coated in a matt shade

• the brush has an exchangeable (unscrewable) brush head

• rubber feet on the bottom of the case to protect the floor from scratches

• The metal casing has a protective coating for increased scratch and scale resistance,

• The measures: height 38cm, width 10x10 cm • weight 1,5 kg

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