Coffee Table HUGGEN STOR - 90 cm

€455,00 €569,00
Color: Caramel

The HUGGEN STOR coffee table is an elegant piece of furniture measuring 90 x 40 cm, which will fit perfectly in stylized residential and commercial spaces. It will work well in a living room or office, as well as any interior where elegant and practical furnishings matter. The furniture is handcrafted from real, solid wood, presenting impeccably and serving as a durable and sturdy piece. Using it is a pure pleasure, and coordinating it with other furniture available in our store is no problem at all.
The HUGGEN STOR coffee table is a perfect match for interiors decorated in a New York, vintage, or classic style. It is handcrafted from Indian mango wood. In our store, it can be ordered in a different size. The presented model has a round top and a hand-carved, latticed base. It stylishly complements any space it is introduced to, and using it is a pure pleasure. The furniture is available in two color options – amber and caramel. Adorned with natural grains, it is a visually pleasing model. Due to the material used, it will serve for many years. The furniture is crafted by a team of Indian artisans who have made every effort to ensure the highest quality presentation.
All our furniture is handcrafted from natural wood. The grain and shade of each piece are unique and may differ from what is shown in the pictures. Knots, gaps from knots, local cracks, abrasions, or unevenness are the result of manual work using natural materials and do not constitute a product defect.
For the given dimensions of the furniture, a tolerance of +- 3% applies.
More about the characteristics of our natural wood products - read here.
To maintain its properties and unique appearance, natural wood requires care - learn more.

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