Coffee Table GUBBE - 80x60 cm

€327,00 €409,00
Color: Amber

When arranging an apartment, it is worth taking care not only of its functionality but also the aesthetics of the space. In this role, the coffee table GUBBE from the Warsaw collection available in our offer will work perfectly. The model, which breaks all schemes with its design, has a width of 80 cm, a height of 40 cm, and a depth of 60 cm. We especially recommend using it in rooms where you entertain guests, such as the living room or office. The retro-style furniture will enchant you with its matte finish, adjustability, and functionality. All this combined with handmade craftsmanship from Indian mango or Indian rosewood.

One of the greatest advantages of the GUBBE coffee table is its original and unique form. The model captivates with retro, modern classic, PRL, and vintage styles, adding character and a unique atmosphere to interiors. In our store, you can also order it in two other sizes. Speaking of the extraordinary furniture from the Warsaw collection, we cannot forget about its functionality, which is ensured by the addition of a wide space inside the tabletop and slanted legs. The rounded endings and unique color scheme, derived from the natural solid wood construction, complete the whole look.

All our furniture is handmade from natural wood. The grain and shade of each piece are unique and may differ from those shown in the photos. Knots, gaps from knots, local cracks, abrasions, or irregularities are the result of manual work using natural materials and do not constitute a product defect.

For the given dimensions of the furniture, a tolerance of +- 3% applies.
Learn more about the characteristics of our natural wood products - read here.
To maintain its properties and unique appearance, natural wood requires care - learn more.

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