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Color: Natural Oak
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A noble appearance that captivates with elegance!

This auxiliary table is ideal for those looking for a designer solution for the living room. It has a capacious (openable) pedestal, which you can set according to your preferences, thus practically creating compartments for the little things you want to have at hand. The table has a natural look – such a design works well in modern, Scandinavian interiors but can also be used in a traditionally arranged interior.

The pedestal functions as a cabinet with a place where you can store less important things, thus keeping things in order, and a countertop where you can put just used items. 

This piece of furniture is available in 3 interesting color variants that will successfully match different arrangements. The furniture composition is an interesting combination of several simple elements that create an incredible harmony and effective whole. The table has ideal proportions, on the one hand low – so perfect for sofa, couch or armchair, and at the same time quite long, providing easy access to the things stored on it. You can easily grab a cup of your favourite coffee and pick up a book to delve into rereading an exceptional novel. You can put both vases of flowers or a bowl of fruits on it and still have plenty of space left for other things.

Material: oak wood, matt lacquered – gives the lacquered surface exceptional durability and resistance.

Cleaning: manual, with mild detergents
Coloristics: natural oak, bleached oak, black

80 x 30 x 42 (total)
24 x 26,5 x 50,5 (pedestal)

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