KELOWNA hanging shelves set for the bed

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Color: Natural Oak
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When decorating your bedroom, it is important to consider including a space for showing off your favourite books and the items you need. This special shelf will ensure that all the necessary things you need daily are near you. That is one of many functions of the product, however. It is also very practical and made of ergonomic shapes. The shelf is made to be put in your bedroom. Other significant product advantages are a small size and additional free space on the floor.

Minimalist design and care for the highest quality of the craft will make the shelf a perfect addition to your bedroom – and it will fit any style you choose. The simple design is complemented by a practical, roomy compartment, which works perfectly as a place to store personal belongings.

Precious material – each shelf is made of solid oak wood. This material is famous for its durability and strength. In addition, it makes the other furniture look nobler.

The unique character is also emphasized by the fact that you can see a drawing of woodgrain and knots on the surface. Thanks to this, you get a unique piece of furniture in your hands! What makes the shelf stand out? modern design, practical compartment, invisible fixings

Specification: Material: oak wood, matt lacquered – gives the lacquered surface exceptional durability and resistance Cleaning: manual cleaning, with mild detergents Choice of: left and right version Coloristics: natural oak, bleached oak, black Dimensions: 20 x 50 x 20

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